Programme Objective

Semester - I

Sr No Course
1 Principles of Management
2 Professional Communication
3 Financial Accounting
4 Microeconomics
5 Essentials of Information Technology
6 Business Statistics
7 Gandhian Thought
8 Workshop 1: Working With Spreadsheets

Semester – II

Sr No Course
1 Organizational Behaviour
2 Soft Skills for Managers
3 Cost and Management Accounting
4 Macroeconomics
5 Research Methodology
6 Introduction to Analytics
7 Workshop 2: Personal Branding
Second Year

Semester - III

Sr No Course
1 Principles of Marketing
2 Human Resource Management
3 Financial Management
4 Disruptive Technologies
5 Business and Allied Laws
6 Quantitative Techniques
7 Entrepreneurship Module 1

Semester - IV

Sr No Course
1 Digital Marketing
2 Export Import Management
3 ERP and Business Process Management
4 Operations Management
5 Economy & Industry Analysis
6 Entrepreneurship Module 2
7 Summer Internship Programme/Dissertation
Note: At the end of semester four, a student will choose to specialize in Marketing or Finance. A student will study four elective courses in their chosen specialization domain.
Third Year

Semester - V

Sr No Course
1 Sales Management
2 Business Ethics
3 Design Thinking
4 Marketing of Financial Products and Services
5 Marketing Elective 1 / Finance Elective 1
6 Marketing Elective 2 / Finance Elective 2
7 Entrepreneurship Module 3

Semester - VI

Sr No Course
1 Strategic Management
2 Environment, Sustainability and Governance
3 Supply Chain Management
4 Managing Family Businesses
5 Marketing Elective 3 / Finance Elective 3
6 Marketing Elective 4 / Finance Elective 4
7 Entrepreneurship Module 4

Marketing Electives

Sr No Course
1 Consumer Behaviour
2 Services Marketing
3 Brand Management
4 Integrated Marketing Communication

Finance Electives

Sr No Course
1 Financial Institutions and Markets
2 Financial Statement Analysis
3 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
4 Financial Modelling

FAQ BMS Programme

What is the eligibility criteria for BMS programme at BMS Colleges In Maharashtra?          

What is the duration of BMS programme?           

Which University will award degree of BMS ?

What will be fees for the programme ?

Whether the degree of BMS programme UGC approved?

What training and placement facilities are being developed in the Top BMS Colleges In Maharashtra?

What additional facility of personality development and corporate grooming shall be provided to students ?

What shall be career opportunities for BMS graduates?

Opportunities in Marketing- Sales, Advertisement.

HR Assistant

Opportunities in Operations- Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management and Project Management.

What is the placement facility for students ?

What is the practical or lab facility available for student ?

In case of covid like pandemic scenario how the classes will be provided to the students ?

What is the admission procedure to take admission in BMS ?

Whether the hostel facility provided by the institution ?

What is the tentative date of commencement of session ?

What is the timing of Institution ?

What is intake of BMS Course ?

Whether any scholarship is available to the students?